About Us

What we are

Raj Computers is an Information Technology company with nearly 14 years of proven IT experience,which is in Operations since 1998.
The company itself is spearheaded by our Mentor Mr. Fairoz Khan, whose Vision has helped our Company to steer to newer lands. Now after a decade & more of operations Raj Computers has diversified itself in to a more structured organization.

Raj Computers is a rapidly growing software company with a team of experienced intellectuals working in various technologies. It deals with Product and Service based applications. We are committed to the qualitative, efficiency, innovativeness and timeliness of our deliverables with high focus on maximum customer satisfaction.With its comprehensive portfolio of products, smart legacy modernization services and consulting, Raj computers offers a quality design and media solutions in web and software.

Our Skills

Javascript, Jquery, Ajax and Others

Why Choose Us?

We have the power of knowledge and motivation. We encourage our people to gain the skills that will allow them to overcome obstacles in work environment. Raj Computers has designed and delivered business-driven information technology solutions that have enabled our clients to become more responsive to market opportunities and operational requirements, improve productivity and reduce IT services costs.The experienced RAJ COMPUTERS team will conveniently and naturally allow you to concentrate on maximizing your busines by smoothly ensuring your IT services are working for you, and will effortlessly provide the expertise to unleash the full potential of your IT System.

Design Your Product around Your Customers' Experience

A great product idea, but poor user experience can mean that early customers might reject your idea outright. In a multi-platform environment, we help build simplified and intuitive user interfaces. Reduce the complexity for users switching platform and improve user adoption with:

  • Understand the customer better using user personas and user research
  • Translate high level design concepts into a working prototype
  • Design for seamless, multi-channel experience

Our Services

We Provide all Types of Solutions for our Customer's problems and queries. We Give User Friendly U.I to our Customers and according to their needs.
Our goal is to win the customer trust and confidence through personal attention, passion for what we do, and commitment to the relationship. We still offer an extra mile to measurable business value and help you adopt and succeed online.
From User Personas to User Screens. Designed to delight end users.
Deployed, managed and fine-tuned for scaling your business. Multi-level support for quick resolution.
Running sprints against the clock. Flexible engineering teams for your support.